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Spray & brush techniques

Stuart was privileged to be part of the restoration of this Westmount home. Both spray and traditional brush techniques were used for the various finishes in this home. From built-in furniture sprayed on site to beautifully brushed wainscoting, the results are simply wonderful.

Spray brush sample 1Spray brush sample 2Spray brush sample 3 Paint sample 1 Paint sample 2 Paint sample 3

Enamel paint

This project is an outstanding example of where regular enamel paint can be used to create the effect of a lacquer finish. This home has a clean, crisp modern feel with traditional architectural details. Needless to say, the clients were thrilled with the results…

Paint sample 4 Paint sample 5 Paint sample 6 Paint sample 7 Paint sample 8 Paint sample 9

Quick color change

With all of its architectural and decorative elements in place, all this home needed was a quick color change. This is a cost effective way to enhance the interior of any home

Quick color change 1 Quick color change 2 Quick color change 3 Quick color change 4 Quick color change 6

Classic architecture

2014 projects

Classic architecture 1 Classic architecture 2 Classic architecture 3 Classic architecture 4

Plaster Samples

This room was fully restored in 2006 and is an excellent example of plaster restoration. All the walls and ceiling were resurfaced to produce a clean new look. The crown moldings were also detailed further enhancing the room. This work is recommended when the walls are damaged from other work such as rewiring and large areas are to be plastered.

Plaster sample 1 Plaster sample 2 Plaster sample 3

Stripping & Staining


These doors really needed a facelift. After a detailed stripping, staining and refinishing the facades of these homes were brought to their original beauty.

Stripping sample 1Stripping sample 2Stripping sample 3


This is one of Stuart’s finest examples of wood staining and finishing. Completed almost 10 years ago, this room is still as beautiful as the day the project was finished…

Staining sample 1

Custom Floor Finishing

Floor Finishing 1Floor Finishing 2Floor Finishing 4Floor Finishing 5

Deck Refinishing

Deck Refinishing

One important aspect of home ownership is the proper maintenance of the outdoor deck of our homes. Regular maintenance prevents costly replacement and allows us to enjoy our cherished Montreal summers. Stuart is experienced and equipped to handle small to large deck refinishing projects.

Deck Refinishing sample 1Deck Refinishing sample 2


Soffits & Gutters

On this project Stuart was required to paint the aluminum soffits and gutters to match the newly installed windows. With spray gun technology and a correct product application, the results were no less than a factory finish. This was a wonderful way for the customer to avoid the cost of full replacement…

Exterior sample 1 Exterior sample 2 Exterior sample 3

Faux finish

This is a great example of where faux finish can blend various building materials to create harmony on the exterior of a home.

Exterior sample 4 Exterior sample 5

Decorative cornice

The decorative cornice of this Westmount home needed some real TLC. Stuart arrived with a hydraulic lift and was finished within two days…

Exterior sample 6 Exterior sample 7

Classic architecture

In the fall of 2007 Stuart painted all of the facade windows of the landmark Mount Stephen Club. All of the work was done from the street on a hydraulic lift without ever touching the grounds below…

Exterior sample 8

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